Photo-a-day ~27

A special baby boy in a special cradle...  My dear friend Holly Lynn slept in this bassinet.  Holly passed away a little over two years ago.  When her mother offered to let me borrow the cradle for our expected child, I was so grateful.  Every time I laid my precious baby down in it, I thought of Holly.  It feels a little strange to have a child that she never knew.  She helped plan my wedding.  Spent hours lifting bridal gowns over my head.  Cut the tulle of my veil that we made on my wedding day.  Threw my bridal shower.  Threw me a baby shower.  Traveled to Italy with me.  Was with me when two of my children came into this world.   A day doesn't pass when I don't think of her, don't miss her.  I'm so thankful to have called her my friend... to have called her Sister.

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Cupcakes and Dirt said...

Oh Holly, what a lovely soul! I was just telling the girls about her not more than a few days ago. Lucky you to have such a precious keepsake from such a beautiful and courageous person.

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