Sound Like a Sad Humpback Whale Splashing in the Water

Mommy.  Sound like a mad llama.

Mommy.  Sound like an angry alligator.

Mommy.  Sound like a gorilla tickling her baby.

Mommy.  Sound like a sad humpback whale splashing in the water.

My Lucas...  There's no one in the world like him.

These are the requests I get from my oldest.  To pair a variety of wild animals with human emotions and facial expressions.

I do have to say...  he keeps me on my toes.  It has never occurred to me the subtle changes in vocal inflection between a gorilla that is sad, and one who is delightfully tickling her little baby.  Which by the way, are expected to be very different indeed, and accompanied by unmistakable body language and faces.  whew...

Here we are.  I think we're happy marmosets or something.

Annnd...   Now we're roaring like lions.  Well, at least I am.

And now...  Angry gazelles?  I don't remember what kind of angry animal we're being here...  but I would hazard a guess at mammal.

Sleeping goldfish?  Or maybe snuggling panda bears.

My Lukie Boy.  He's super fantastic.

p.s.  So...  have you mommies ever noticed that you aren't in any of the family pics?  Jump over to Emily's blog to see lots of other mommies in their sweat pants looking fab and doing what mom's do best.


MJ said...

I love the one on one moments just having fun and being silly.

from mel said...

so great. i love those moments.

Laurie J said...

what a creative and imaginative little guy you've got there! you are one fun mommy to play along :)

lesley said...

Adorable photos and LOVE his hair!

Jami said...

These are so sweet! love your blog! My oldest went through a year where all he wanted to do was act like an animal. During mealtime, during baseball practice, everywhere! lol

emily anderson said...

best pictures ever.

i seriously love these! your little man is so handsome :)

Deniece Carmean said...

I love the black and white pictures. I wish my digital would take them.

Kara said...

these are so great. what a great moment to capture.

April Irvin said...

Loved it, in the sound of a pony eating a cupcake while dancing a jig! Thats how we roll!

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