Wicked Mad Scissor Skills

There's been a lot of snip, snip, snipping going on at our house lately.  Don't underestimate pre-school fine motor skills, friends.

Snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes.

We started out taking photos of Lucas with his snowflakes.  He immediately wanted to see the picture on my camera.

Then he wanted to see what he looks like with his eyes closed.

Then he wanted to see what he looks like crying.

Annnd...  upside down.  Of course.  Who doesn't want to know what they look like upside down?

Then, the obvious next choice...  eyes closed, wearing broken sunglasses.  

Of course.


Annie Bell said...

Sounds like a fine day at the Evans Hacienda:)

Kellie Lutito said...

This is a super cute post!

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