A Few Things About Harry

There are a few things you should know about Harrison Roy.

1)  He has two favorite songs.  The Beatles I Will, and Cole Porter's I Love Paris.   I Love Harry.  (You know...   I love Harry in the springtime.  I love Harry in the fall...)

2)  He is named after my Grandpa Roy.

3)  If you bark like a dog, he will laugh.  Hard.  Really, really hard.

4)  He has slept through the night twice in his life.

5)  Every other night he wakes up every two hours.  He misses me.

6)  His eyelashes are super duper long.

7)  He is really good at blowing raspberries.

8)  He smiles more than any other baby in the whole world.

9)  It is impossible to laugh alone in his presence.

10)  He is wonderful.

11)  He is chubalicious.

12)  I think his eyes will be greeney hazely like Lucas'.

13)  I like him.  A lot.
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