Sunny January Days

Today I had to rush to the grocery store to stock up on food.  Why?  Because we are supposed to get hit with a massive snow storm tonight.

They were out of eggs and oatmeal.

And so, so busy.  Oh, the humanity.

It is hard to believe that just the other day we were outside playing in 70 degree weather.

Harry has gotten really good at sitting up.  In his cousin's special Bumbo seat, that is. 

That chubby little hand.  Love.

Luke has all the essentials.  Toy computer?  check.
A full year's subscription of Zoobooks?  check.
Panda?  check.
Two blankets?  check.
Pajamas?  but of course.  check.

Max...  stop looking like such an angel...
You're not fooling anybody.

Now I'm hankerin' for springtime.  Just in time for a snowstorm.

Ah, well.  I'll bake cookies.

1 comment:

Annie said...

I baked cookies!
Great minds think alike....

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