Oh, my...

Oh, dear...

Oooo-eee, doggies!  That's a lot of snow.

Much more snow than we are used to around these parts, anyway.  The last time we had this much snow, was last Christmas.  Chris' entire family was supposed to come to our house Christmas Eve and sleep in sleeping bags all over the house, (like Christmas gypsies, you know.)  when we got a big snowstorm and ended up spending Christmas with just the four of us.  (Well, five if you count Fetus Harry.)  I had a 15 pound prime rib and 4 gallons of cioppino...  Chris and I ate like kings.  Fat, gluttonous kings.

Today Daddy's working from home.  Everyone is still in their pajamas.  (how novel.)  We aren't going anywhere.

 We're not going out there!

We can look though...  pretty.

Thankful for our cozy, warm house!

Who wants cookies?

1 comment:

April Irvin said...

You always bake cookies my bloggy friend. Today I am baking cupcakes or maybe just cake. So funny. So much snow for us oklahomans.

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