Today I Sing the Blues

It's one of those days.  Again.

Never fear.  Mommy has an ipod.

How is that relevant?

Because it has earbuds.

And Aretha Franklin.

Singing Today I Sing the Blues.  Thank you, 1969.  John Hammond, if you were in my living room right now, I would kiss you right on your blessed mouth.

Bring it, heathens.  

Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!  WAAAAAA!!!!

Can't hear you.  Me and Aretha got the blues.

Without a word of warning, the blues walked in this morning.
And circled 'round my lonely room.


I didn't know why I had that sad 'n lonely feelin'.

I don't want these!  I want that!


No! No! No!  WAAAAAA!!!!!

Yesterday I sang a love song, today, today I'm singin' the blues.

Suburban housewife.  In my clogs, cotton LL Bean cotton t-shirt, unwashed hair in a bun.  No make up.  Baby dressed in candy cane stripes on my hip.  Eyes closed.  Head thrown back.

Singing. my. freaking. guts. out.

Oh yes.  I'm sure Harry and I are quite a sight.  He's the only one who doesn't mind my singing.  He likes it.  He rides on my hip, his smiles encouraging every belted run.  My ipod is turned up so loud I have no idea what i sound like.

It's probably better that way.

Because right now, I sound just like Aretha.

And Right now, I'm singin' the blues.

Bring it home.

That's right.



Ann Fisher said...

Loooove it.
I have the blues a lot lately...
I so get that.

Anonymous said...

Sing it sister! I'm sure you sound just like Aretha! ;o)

April Irvin said...

Is that what I heard yesterday? Love it.

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