Frosty the Annoying Snowman

If you know me well, you know that there is nothing I hate more than a bad medley.

(you know...  a song that changes into another song, with a few leading chords and a peppy little intro, that then turns into another little song, which cleverly leads into another song until I cover my ears and scream...  You know.  a medley.)
Really, calling a medley bad is redundant.  All medleys are bad.

I challenge you to find one that isn't trite dribble.

I cannot stomach a poorly written medley.

Again, redundant.

However, a medley is not to be confused with a mash up, like on Glee.  Not the same thing at all.  A mash up is a "mash" if you will, of two songs.  Not a medley.  And, it is on Glee, so I like it.  Completely different.  And...  well.  it's on Glee.  Have I ever mentioned before that I love Glee?

And...  moving right along.

The holidays seem to be a time when bad medleys abound.  I think it may be their mating season.  And at our house, no one sings a poorly written Holiday Medley quite like Frosty.  Frosty the Annoying Snowman.

Frosty the Annoying Snowman has been around since Luke's first Christmas, and is much beloved by the two big boys, and probably will be by Harry when he gets older too.  Frosty sings a peppy medley of Holiday favorites while he plays his little piano.  awww....  I hate him.

But lately, Frosty hasn't been sounding so good.  His voice is all slow and freaky, he seems to have lost some of his holiday zeal.  Or...  his batteries are running low.

Is it sick that I get a certain savage pleasure from Frosty's pathetic plight?  

heh heh heh...  Not so peppy now, are ya, Frosty?   

Where's your catchy medley, now?  huh?  huh?

What's that?  I can't hear you, Frosty.  You are all distorted and weird.  

But then...

tug.  tug.  tug.


Max tries to help out Frosty on the keys.

dang it.

I gotta go.

Need to go find the batteries.

I'm Such a Sucker

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April Irvin said...

Again, another seemingly average event turned into a masterpiece of words. People who write how they think and talk are my kind of peeps!
well written my bloggy friend.

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