Not Surprising...

Not very surprising that this is hanging on our Christmas tree, is it?

It should also come as no surprise, that I bought two, but now only have one.  Well, technically we still have two.  But Max lost his somewhere in the house minutes after I gave it to him.  Both boys broke off Woddy's hat right away.  That isn't surprising.

It also isn't surprising that I bought them in July when I was 100 months pregnant and waddling by the Hallmark store in the mall.  It isn't very surprising that they had Christmas ornaments out in July.

Neither is it surprising that I put them safely in what I thought was a Christmas decorations box in the attic.  Well, actually, that part is a little surprising.  Look at me!  Planning ahead!  The not surprising part is that I spent the entire day after Thanksgiving obsessed with finding them because I had put them in what I thought was a Christmas ornament box, but which was in fact... the Easter decorations box.  That part isn't surprising at all, is it? 

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