For the Love of Buzz

Luke and Max love Buzz Lightyear.

No, you don't understand.  They L O V E Buzz Lightyear.

Like how normal people love things like air, and water.  And Glee.

That is how much these boys love Buzz Lightyear.

At last count, we have 15 Buzz Figures.  I know.
Talking Buzz.  Broken Buzz who used to talk, but had a little accident free falling from the front entry landing.  Buzz who never talked, but has karate chop action.  Plush, cuddly Buzz.  Three of them. 
 Little tiny lego Buzz.  Medium Buzz.  Two of those.  Wait, three. 
Three medium.  Three tiny.  Three big.  Three cuddly. 

Huh.  I'm seeing a trend.  Good things come in threes, I guess.

Shirts.  Costumes.  Pajamas.  Videos.

Hats.  Gloves.  Little buckets.  Pez dispensers.

Underwear.  Toothpaste.  Blankets.

They are koo-koo for Buzz.

Little Buzz in this photo was devistated because he had to come in the front yard instead of watching
Toy Story 2.

Hope you have a better weekend than this sad little Buzz!
poor guy...

To Infinity...  And Beyond!
Mariah Lightyear


DarkUFO said...


Mariah said...

test again!

Angie Taylor said...

Oh Mariah, I just love reading your posts. I have so much fun with my 2 boys and I am glad to feel not so alone in the universe of boys and toys.

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