Groovy Kind of Love

Meet my Grandparents.  They're amazing.  As individuals, they are wonderful.  But as a couple, they are nothing short of magical.  He was a cowboy who jumped a train at 15 and rode it across the country to start a new life in San Fransisco.  She, a dancer and an artist.  Together...  well.  There will never be another couple like them. 

They've lived all over the country.  Stomped grapes with Portuguese immigrants.  Danced with Mexican dignitaries.  Broken horses.  Won beauty pageants.  (her, not him.  although, he is very handsome.)  Had daily morning coffee with Walt Disney while they were working on Disneyland before the park first opened.  Rode rodeos.  Made thousands of friends.  Decorated countless Christmas trees.  Made endless batches of the most amazing fudge you have ever eaten.  Caught more fish than you or I can even imagine. 

And been an inspiration to me, every day of my life.  They are now in their mid eighties and still drive hundreds of miles to come and visit their crazy granddaughter who left home for love and Oklahoma.

They met during World War II when my grandfather was on shore leave.  My grandmother dropped her handbag on a San Fransisco sidewalk and my grandfather stopped to picked it up. 

They've been together ever since.

When you ask her if she dropped it on purpose, she just smiles.

I'm betting she did.

I think they are the reason I am such a hopeless romantic.  They still kiss every day.  They still hold hands in public.  She still tears up at his Valentine's Day cards.

Sometimes, love really does conquer all.

Sometimes, love really does last forever.

I'm so lucky to know them.

A Very Thankful Granddaughter


Annie said...

LIke, Like Super LIKE!!!!

Lena said...

Well, that one made me tear up!

Chris said...

Joined the Navy at 16, afloat in the South Pacific for days after his battle-ship was sunk, compete in and win bowling tournaments (still), stay up all night long laughing and playing games, drove straight from Vegas to our wedding rehearsal ready to celebrate... I love them.

Sheila said...

Wow!! What an amazing post Mariah!!

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