Here's to 90 Good Years

Last week we were in Colorado celebrating my grandparents' 90th birthdays.  That's them.  Aren't they the cutest things ever?  Ever ever?
 They still are the cutest.  Ever.  Ever ever.

 The greatest love story...  You can read a little more about them here.
 This trip was the first they had ever met Jude.  The youngest of their 7 great grandchildren.
 Oh, my heart.  I love this guy so much.  It's always so bittersweet to see them.  I'm overjoyed to be with them, but it's so hard to leave.  I need just one more tight hug.  One more story.  Hold my hand just a little bit longer.
 The party was a great success.  I didn't get nearly the photos I wanted...  I was too busy holding a squirmy baby.  And making sure he was adequately supplied with a fun balloon.  And talking to people who hadn't seen me in 30 years.  There was another room filled with my grandmothers oil paintings, tons of family photographs, my grandfather's war medals, and a beautiful leather saddle.  I wish I had taken more pictures...  dang it.  Chris made a great speech.  I wish I had taken a picture of that...  dang it.  My cousin Lori and her husband each made a beautiful speech.  I wish I had taken pictures of those too.  Dang it, dang it.

 As it turns out...  90 candles is a lot of candles...
The first dance...
 My beautiful cousin Lori and her Ava.  Ava's my new BFF.
 These two...  Complete opposites.  Ava, quiet and sweet.  Jude.  A complete crazy, wild, busy mess.

 She looks like her big brother, no?

 There are about 20 variations on this theme.  Ava, sweet and still in every shot.  Jude is different in each one.  Sometimes standing.  Sometimes sitting.  Sometimes there is a floating hand coming out of the edge of the frame to keep him from tumbling out of his chair because he's never still for 5 consecutive seconds.
 The Queen of the day.  Happy 90th, Nonnie!  You wear it so well.
this is the video I put together for their party.  Photos of them looking young and gorgeous.  And on horses.  And with fish.  Oh, so many fish.  And me too.  In a cowboy hat.  If on a mobile device, you can watch here.

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