It Happened... Ten Months Ago.

So, I do this thing.
Sort of.
I like to make these little slide show video things every year for each boy around their birthday.  I like focusing on just them...  In a family of six it can be hard to give all of my attention to just one little person.  I hope that one day they can look back on these little home videos and see that their Mama really saw them as an individual, as their own little person.  That's my hope anyway...

  I'm putting Jude Baby's together right now...  Because he turns ONE in two weeks...  
Oh, Lawd.  I can't handle it.

And...  as I am thinking about Jude's, and mentally putting it together in my teeny-tiny mind...  I realized that the other three boys totally got the shaft last year.  No eight year old movie for Lucas.  No three year old movie for Harry.  I've got a five year old movie for Max though.  Does that mean that Lucas and Harry will tell their therapists that Mother always loved their brother best?  hmmm...  maybe.

So...  Here's Max's Five Year Old Birthday Extravaganza Movie.
Because I am an excellent mother.
Be sure to tell your therapists, boys.
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