Thankful Days Project

I'm a project girl.  Not a, hey let's just keep up with the house and make sure everyone has clean underwear to wear kind of girl.  

Projects are more my bag.  Starting January 1st, I started another little project.  Every day, I take a photo of something that I am thankful for and post it on Instagram.  (incidentally, I did not think of this idea myself.  I saw others do it through 2013 and then I brazenly stole it.  Because I don't have an original thought in my head.)  These are almost all taken with my iPhone.  Some are not great quality, but that isn't really the point.

Here's the thing.  I'm not crying out upon the rooftops that I am thankful for God's blessings so that you will think that I am a good Christian.  

The opposite is closer to the truth, actually.

I do not think I am a good Christian.  I know the workings of my own heart and mind too well to think so.  I know the reverse to be true.  I am selfish.  I am proud.  I put myself before others.  I hold onto resentment and bitterness.  That is why I want to take the time every day to slow down.  Open my eyes.  And be thankful.

Not because I am a good person.

But because I want to be.

A thankful heart brings me closer to my God.  I want to see His hand in my every day life.  In the chaos and the mess.  Because in that chaos and mess, over the top of it, touching the tops of my babies heads...  It's all bathed in beautiful sunshine streaming in through the window.  And that's where I see my makers hand.  That light.  It's worth stopping.  It's worth my thanks.

A photo a day for a year.  (You can follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up.)

Here's (most of...  I think.) January.  Mostly babies.  Not a surprise.  I'm pretty thankful for them.

 photo joyful-sig_zps350c7fb1.jpg

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