Oh, So Many New Things.

So.  2014, huh?

Am I the only one who doesn't get very excited about the new year?




I'll tell you my favorite thing about the new year...  The Pottery Barn and West Elm catalogues start telling that things should feel all fresh and yellow.  Or maybe tangerine.  And I like that.  The idea that everything (and by everything, I am just talking home decor here.  I am in no way trying to use "everything" as blanket "everything" to encompass all areas of life.  Come on now.  Let's not wax philosophical over a Pottery Barn catalogue.) is new...  Clean.  Orderly.  Oh, Lawd...  If you know me, you know how funny that is.  

The end.

(On a side note...  It's 6:30 am.  Chris has already gone to work.  The house is quiet.  Except for Harry upstairs singing the Darth Vader theme to himself.  Good morning?)

New Year's Eve...  Yeaah...  Haven't done anything fun in that department in a long time.  Today, on January 2nd, it sounds like a fun idea for next year.  Have a little family party!  Let the big boys stay up late!  Wear something kinda fancy!  Yummy snacks!  Silly hats!  Family games!  Dance with my guys to Franz Ferdinand and make some memories!  Oh, Pinterest!  Don't fail me now!

But really...  When December 27th and 28th roll around, and I am reminded that life, in fact does go on after December 25th...  The thought of staying up until midnight...

 Just pisses me off.

For reals.  Not the kind of blind rage I feel when someone says they don't like Sting, but pretty close.  Oh, I don't trust ANYBODY that doesn't like Sting.  And you shouldn't either, Gentle Reader.  They have no soul.

But, come on.  Stay up late?  On purpose?  Why would I do that to myself?  Don't you know???  Don't you know that these children haven't let me have a full night's sleep since 2005?

Wow.  I'm especially rambley this morning.

So...  anyhoo...

New stuff.  Yeah.

Good news.  My blog is getting a face lift.  Like, soon.  Real soon.  Real soon.  Baboon.  Over the moon.  Hug a raccoon.



It's January, yo!

A good time for a photo a day project, no?

Harry.  Not going to bed.  Because he be Harry.  And that how Harry be.  (Yeaaah...  Totally scrambled at the very last second to grab my camera and document January 1st.  Off to a roaring start.)

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