iPhone Friday

 Hooray for Friday!!!  Here are a few photos (well, okay a lot of photos) from my camera roll this week.

Max got a new violin!  It is the tiniest and cutest thing you've ever seen.  Kinda like Max.  Here he is outside the Tulsa Violin Shop.  With his orange pteronadon.  Of course.  Doesn't everyone take a toy dinosaur with them when they get a new instrument?

 Goodness, I love him.
 Fun lunch downtown with the men in my life.  Saturdays.  I love them.

 Max is cute...  But he can be really challenging.  So proud of him this week.
 I.  Heart.  Girl dates.
 Harry had officially crossed the line between cute long hair, and nobody loves that child.  Time for a haircut!
 Even with all of his challenges, Lucas is still every bit the eldest child.  Here he is reading a bedtime story to his younger brothers.  It's a rare thing to get all four of them in one picture!
 Knitting a new hat for Jude.  (I snapped this photo in the car waiting to pick up the boys from school.  Black pants!)  A friend just told me how much faster crocheting is...  hmmm...
 Harry has really been into the selfie lately.  Somehow he also changed this to my profile pic on Facebook yesterday...  
 This is oh, so grainy...  But I love it.
 Ditto for this one.  But I just love my sweet little guys so much!
Sleepy...  Huh.  Maybe because you don't sleep at night, no?

Happy weekending!!!

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