iPhone Friday

 It's Friday!  Woo-hoo!  I'm a happy Mama.  Here are a few moments snapped with my iPhone from the week.
Presents come in boxes.  Which is convenient, because children like boxes...
 So.  Flippin'.  Excited.

 My dirty-faced-wiggly-boy.  Sporting a newly busted up nose.  Again.
 He's going to kill me...  But come on.  When one's wife writes a blog, one should expect certain things.
 Oh, man.  I laugh every time I see that.  Let's do it again, shall we?
Baby hates the solid food, yo.  Boob man.
 Girl date.  
I found this on my camera roll the other day.  Apparently Harry got ahold of my phone at some point during the week!
This little guy has been hiding out in my house all week.  Today after school Lucas caught him in the laundry room.  Then accidentally snapped off the end of his tail...  Then Max quite possibly loved the poor little reptile to death...  Really.  To death.
Happy Friday!  Hope you have a better weekend than little laundry room lizard!

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