iPhone Friday

Happy Friday!  It's been a good week, Gentle Reader.  Three crazy boys.  One sweeter than sweet babe.  A husband that has been in town all week.  ahhh...  Good livin' 'round here.  And a field trip to the zoo with Lucas!    Wowzers.  Couldn't get better.  So here are a few of the snippets of Evans life I've captured with my iPhone.  Man, that little thing is handy.
 Harry has been LOVING his guitar lately.  (Well.  It's actually a ukelele.  Don't tell him.)
 When Chris is home for dinner I make him real food.  It's been nice...

Field trip!  Lucas with his buddies and his AMAZING first grade teacher.

 It's been beyond wonderful to see Lucas with friends.  Makes this Mama's heart happy.

Remember this guy?
See??  He smiles!  Told ya, told ya, told ya!

 Shorts!  Ice cream in the backyard after school!

 And the next day...  sleet and cold.  Hot chocolate in the cozy kitchen after school.  Oh well.  Happy boysies either way.  Life is good. 
I took this late last night in the dark.  He had fallen asleep sucking his thumb.  Oh my gosh, I love him so much I think I might explode.  What a sweet vision to go to sleep to.

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