Photo a Day Project ~ January 2013

I've done photo a day projects before...  But not usually starting on the first of January.  Because I forget all about it until February.  Because that's how I roll.  I forget stuff.  Then do it anyway, and try to pass it all off like it was all intentional and part of my master plan.  Because I'm awesome.  (right?)  


Photo a day project.  Goes like this.  Every day in the month of January, I'm going to take a photo of something in my every day life...  Probably the boys.  They're pretty much my every day life.  I really love this project, the month's worth of photos always end up being some of my very favorites from the whole year.  It's such a blessing to for me to slow down and appreciate the little tiny things that make up my days.  It makes me really appreciate how very rich my life truly is.

And for the first day of 2013...

Our first baby.  Our dog baby.  Mr. Charley.  He really is the sweetest guy in town.

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