Christmas Bliss

Hello there, Gentle Reader!  Christmastime around here has been wonderful.  Lots of just hanging out at home.  It's been so long since I've left my cozy little hidey hole that I'm not quite sure what day it is...  But I do know it's been a while since I've posted any photos of these boysies, and that will make my mother cranky.  And we don't like to make that woman cranky.  Beceause she's scary.  Just kidding.  Not really.

So here are a few photos from our house.  Christmas bliss, I tell ya.

decorating Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve
 One for Santa, one for me...
Poor Uncle Jacob.  He spent a few days under three wild and crazy nephews.  The couldn't get enough wrestling.  There were some sad little boys when it was time for him to leave.
 Hey!!!  Santa ate his cookies!
 the view from upstairs
 Lucas's teepee.  L O V E.

brown paper packages tied up with string...

Don't worry.  He has a mighty hammer too.  whew.  Thank goodness.
Tricycle in the house?  Yup.  There was a pogo stick too.  Yup.  I know.  You wish I was your Mom.
Merry Merry!  See you in 2013! 

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