I'm the Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my birthday.  I woke up to the sounds of Harry awake and ready to get out of his crib.  Chris is a sweetie-poo, and it was my birthday after all, so he went up to get Baby while I stayed in my cozy bed.  Harry came to join me and snuggle for a bit... or,  Baby Harry just wanted to play with my phone.  Okay.  That's really what he wanted.  Phone.  Not snuggles.  sniff sniff.  Well, I was snuggling with him, and I said to Chris, "I really wish I could spend some time with just you.  Wouldn't that be nice?"  I couldn't have planned that better...  As it turned out, Chris had taken the afternoon off, arranged for a babysitter, was taking me out to lunch, (WITHOUT CHILDREN, thank you) and had scheduled me a massage.


There are no photos of our scrumptious lunch.  I was too busy eating it.  There are no photos of us having fun looking for things to put in our new bedroom.  I was having too much fun.  There are no photos of myself getting a massage.  Because that would be creepy, and this isn't that kind of blog.  But here's a photo of a Harry Baby eating an Angry Bird cupcake.  yum.
Happy birthday to me.

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