Baby Turns Two

You always go so crazy on birthdays.

I do not go crazy on birthdays.

You make me crazy on birthdays.

Thus began our parental discussion on Harry's 2nd birthday party.  And...  truth be told, I do go a little hog wild for birthdays.  I generally like to make all of the decorations myself, and have been known to spend a full week sculpting farm animals or Backyardigan characters out of fondant for a birthday cake...

But not this year.  Not for Harry's birthday.  And, yes.  I am feeling some guilt.  Mom, why are the pictures of my birthday party so lame?  Didn't you even LOVE ME???  But I had to prove to Chris that I didn't have to go crazy.  Or make him crazy.  Or make anybody crazy.  And the honest truth is...  Gary's surprise 60th party and Harry's 2nd birthday party (heh heh...  Gary and Harry rhyme.) were back to back.  And I can only do so much in one weekend people.

So...  here are Harry's cupcakes.  That's right.  Fun-fetti.  Straight out of the box.  With sprinkles.  He didn't complain.
this cracks me up...  Chris and Lucas are both so excited to see what's in there!
How did you know?  I NEEDED a trumpet!
 Ummm...  Not quite, sweet baby.  Max actually got a toy trumpet for his second birthday as well.  And I think I have an identical photo of him sitting on this table and playing his trumpet backwards too.
 tee-hee-hee!  this present is so funny!
Yes.  We give our baby open flame to hold in his bare little hands.  It's his birthday.

Tiny, low key party.  Cupcakes that I decorated in 10 minutes.  Only family.  No matching t-shirts.  Recycled decorations from a birthday party last year.  See Chris???  I can throw a very low key birthday party.  And not make you crazy.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
I don't think Baby Harry minded one bit.  

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