Easter Eggs by Candlelight

Whoever said dying Easter Eggs with three kids can't be a romantic date?  Pah.  Phooey.  That's what I say.  Pah and Phooey to the naysayers.  Phooey to you who say nay!

Follow these easy steps and you too can have a romantic easter dying eggs date.  With three small children.  In your backyard.

Start with five dozen hard boiled eggs.  Yes.  Five dozen.  No less.
Add a few cutie pies, some coffee mugs filled with dye...
And make sure your husband is dressed like he's in charge of games and recreation on a cruise ship.  That part is very important.  Cruise wear is vital.
Light a few candles.  Mmmm-hmmm.  Set the mood.
What?  You don't dye Easter Eggs by candle light?  Huh.  Weird.
Oh, and don't forget the plastic big cats.  Those guys are very important...

Oh, how long will this egg take?  How long???
See there?  Super romantic.
Okay.  Maybe romantic isn't the right word.  But there were candles...  And tasty egg dye...
And plastic big cats.
Nothing says, Happy Easter quite like five dozen eggs and a couple of plastic big cats.

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