Better Late than Never, Right?

So...  in time for Easter fun, I had a few cutie mcCutertons in my backyard for some photography fun.  It was really a blast.  What a bunch of CUTIES!!!!!  And you, Gentle Reader are very lucky.  Because I am going to share some of them with you.

I'm such a sucker for brothers...
And babies.  I'm a sucker for babies too.  With sweet big brothers.  Oh, so sweet.
Now, brace yourself.  Because this next one is so cute, you might not get over it.  Ever.  She is so lovely...
See??!!!  You're dying right now, aren't you?  Me too, Gentle Reader.  Me too.

Brother and sister...  BFFs.  Love.

All these little sweeties...  I'm so blessed to have gotten this little slice of special time with them.  Before they had a chance to get Peeps and chocolate eggs smeared all over their cute little Easter outfits.  I'm a lucky lady!

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