Lucas's Big Day

Yesterday was a very big day for our Lucas Boy.  He lost his first tooth.  I know!  sniff, sniff.
But I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

Lucas also had his first violin recital.  Seriously.  Big.  Deal.  In the car on the drive over there I was afraid I might throw up.  Tummy all a flutter.  Oh...  violin recital.  Here we go.

It was at the Jazz Hall of Fame downtown.  Our friend stayed home with the two little brothers so Mommy and Daddy could focus all of their parental attention to the maestro.
Chris and I weren't sure what to expect.  Lucas had never played in front of people before.  Would he run off stage in tears?  Would he kick off his shoes and socks and show everyone how a monkey would play violin with his feet, like he did in his last lesson?  (not kidding.)  Would he get on stage, throw down his violin, and begin reciting a monologue from the critically acclaimed film, Garfield's Halloween Special?  We had no idea.  We only knew that we really wanted his first recital experience to be a good one.  Lucas didn't seem as nervous as I was...  Until right before he was to go on stage.  He hugged me around the waist, looked up at me and whispered, Mommy...  Wet's get outta hewe!  

But then he was on... and everything was grand.

Lucas was in the youngest group, the Twinkle Group.  All of the older kids stayed on stage and played with the littles.  Back up band, ya know.  There he is!  Right up front!  That cute one who refuses to keep his shirt tucked in!
There was a group of about five of them that were under age seven.  So cute.  The youngest was a little girl who was two and a half.  Seriously?  I die.  So stinking cute.  How am I supposed to stick to my only three babies plan with this little miss walking around?
At the end of the concert, all of the tiniest Twinkles marched around the audience while they played.  The tiniest of the tinys, and Ms Jody of course.  She's a rock star.
My little man...  So proud of him.
When we're practicing, I can sometimes get a little intense.  Shocking, I know.  Lucas is...  how shall I say, a challenge to keep focused.  And sensitive, very sensitive.  Those three things are a dangerous violin practicing cocktail.  He thinks it is super dog hilarious when I grab him by the front and say, Play it with Passion!  Come on!  Passionate!  It's a good thing he has a good sense of humor.  For many reasons...
Ms Jody...  we love you.  So much.

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Jacci said...

so, fun.

especially love the more candid b&w shot :)

way to embrace!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my... So sweet! Lovely little musicians!

Brandy Jane Mabel

jane said...

great photos!

Kathleen Moore said...

Hi Mariah, Its Jesse's mom! I think you did a great job explaining all the emotions I went through as a momma too! I was definately proud of our boys! They did great! I Liked the beautiful pictures too! Thanks for the post.

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