First Soccer Practice

To further prove that he is getting much, much too grown up...  Lucas had his first soccer practice this week.  Five little boys looking unbelievably cute in shin guards, two coaches, and me with my camera.  Of course.

herding cats
Hey Man, nice cleats.
Two goalies are better than one, I always say.

They're called the Sharks.  Tough, huh?  First game tomorrow.  First soccer game?  Not nervous.  Not like his violin recital earlier this week.  Even though I know there is a distinct possibility that Lucas will pretend that he is a fish, like he did at practice.  And that he is caught in the net of the goal.  Like he did at practice.  And that playing fish in the net will be much funner to him than actually making contact with the ball.  Just like practice.  Whatev, dude.
Go Sharks!

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JoLaLaLa said...

ha ha. You are a soccer mom now too. Isn't is weird being a grown up and doing all the things we said we'd never do?

My kids started their 4th season of soccer this week (seasons are only half a year here though, so we're still fairly newbie at it too)and are loving it. Games Saturday, which has them super duper excited.

As far as playing fish on the field, I would expect nothing less. Allison still sits down and picks flowers mid-game on a regular basis, as well as some other games she plays out there that we haven't quite figured out what are, but at least she's having fun with it. I don't think MOST kids get terribly serious about it until they are around 9 or 10, unless their parents are those hardcore annoying folks that scream at everyone all day. Just kinda my observation, but not sure. Our league is recreational so none of the parents should be that way... but you still have your sets of them scattered throughout the league.

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