The Day Lucas Lost His First Tooth

So...  Last week, Lucas lost his first tooth.  Pretty big deal.
We have to go to Australia now.  What?  That isn't a thing?  Doesn't everyone take a trip to Australia when their kid gets their grown up teeth?  Well, Don't try and tell Lucas that.  Because he won't buy it.  Oh, no.  He gets grown up teeth, and we go to Australia.  And that is the end.  The End.  We haven't even considered trying to convince him otherwise.  We just need to start saving for our trip.  The plan is to go and visit my friend Anne and her husband Alister in Australia when Harry is bigger and a little easier to take on a transcontinental vacation.  Our friends live on their family sheep ranch.  Lucas is very excited about the sheep.  I haff to go to Aw-stwaw-ia to hewp Awister wif the sheep!  Because Alister needs Lucas's help.  He might not know it, but all these years the family sheep business has been missing something crucial...  Lucas.  And just wait 'til that boy has his gwown up teef.  Look out, sheep.  There's a new sherif in town.

When we got home from his violin recital Lucas put that tiny little tooth in an envelope and left it for the tooth fairy.  He got Five bucks for it!  We didn't get that much in my day, I'll tell ya that.  Inflation...

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