day #22 ~ Hello, Grown-Up Teeth!

See this smile?  See those pearly whites?

That sweet smile is about to look different...  FOR-EHHH-VEEER.

His first permanent tooth is coming in.  You can see it behind his baby teeth.  The first time I glimpsed it, I gasped and said, "Oh my goodness, Lucas!  You have a grown up tooth back here!"

He smiled great big and said in a sudden rush, "When I get my grown-up teeth, I will turn into a grown-up and then we will go to Aust-wail-wa!"

I love the way his mind works.  When he has grown up teeth, he will magically turn into a grown up.  brrrring!  (that is the sound of  magic grown up turning.  just in case you didn't know.)

And the Australia part...  Well it sounds totally random.  But really, it isn't.  My dear friend Anne lives in Australia with her husband and her two beautiful little Aussie babes.  We plan to go to visit in five or six years, when Harry is old enough to be any fun on a trip like that, and Lucas has not forgotten our plans.  He knows that we will go when he is bigger...

Here is the equation.

Bigger = Grown-Up Teeth.  Bigger also = Australia.  Therefore, Grown-Up Teeth = Australia.

Simple math people.

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Kammi said...

Bahahaha! Adorable:)

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