day #21

After a very long day in Oklahoma City...  We were ready to drive our two hour drive home.  Harry hadn't napped...  Lucas wasn't able to take those magazines home... (it's a long story.) Oh, so much crankiness.  And it was dinner time.  Dare we?  We did.  We dared.

We took the boys to a real restaurant.  And ate real food.  Had a fantastic dinner and a wonderful time.  Hands down the best dinner we've ever had with the boys in public.  (we've had some doozies.  don't ask Chris about dinner in Florida...  yikes.)  The food was great, the restaurant was super cool and hip, (in a way that was very novel for me and the boys.  We pretty much just eat with each other in the kitchen.  This place had cool bubbles on the walls!)  And the play list...  The music was great.  It was a dance party at our table all evening long.  They had us back at a table in the corner (because they aren't stupid.  And when you see a couple come into your restaurant with three little boys, you put them back in a corner.), and it was probably a good thing.  Chris and I couldn't stop dancing.  I knew I looked ridiculous, but I just couldn't help myself.

Great, great time.  Here's a shot of Daddy and Lucas that I took with my phone.  They're fish, you know.

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