Knights and Dragons

We're a boy house.

boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy.

Even our dog is a boy.

And I love it.

LOVE boys.  (if you feel so inclined, you can read my rant on the subject here.)

We're in a big knights and dragons phase right now.  For Christmas, we got Max a cape that is a dragon on one side, then a knight when you turn it the other way.

Best.  Present.  Ever.

Such a serious little knight...

And now...  Enter, dragon.

Wait a minute...  Aren't knights supposed to wear pants?  I'm pretty sure they're supposed to wear pants.

He must be late for something.

Lunch, perhaps?

Speaking of lunch, have you been watching Downton Abby on PBS?


I am dying it is so good.

What?  They eat lunch on Downton Abby.  Pretty sure.  This isn't a random time to talk about a period drama.  With amazing, brilliant writing.  Inspired acting.  Costumes that make me weep they are are so lovely.  The most beautiful lighting I've ever seen on television.  Ever.

Anyways, dragons and knights.

That's right, sweet little dragon.  Climb up in that chair so you can watch Masterpiece Theater with Mommy...  What's going to happen???  Matthew?  Mary?  Sybil?  Mr. Bates and Anna?  I can't stand it!


April Irvin said...

There's nothing like some coffee and Evans boys in the morning. Ahhhhhhh..... So so yummy!

Lib Perry said...

I knew I liked you! :) I am way jealous of that reversible cape. We have a red cape and mask at our house. Jakey went to get his hair cut with Grandad the other day and he was Robin. We are all about LEGO Batman and Robin currently. I LOVE, L-O-V-E having a boy, too! AND helloooooo Downton Abbey...I turn off my phone when that's on and curl up with a bowl of ice cream to eat all by myself and simply enjoy... :)

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