On Mothering Boys

I am the mother of three boys.

For those of you who don't have this esteemed pleasure, I would like to share 10 all-boy-Mama facts with you.

1)  This may be the biggest.  Do not, please, pretty please...  do not assume that something is missing in my life because I do not have a girl.

2)  I'm going to repeat #1 because I really mean it.  Do not assume that something is missing in my life because I do not have a girl.  I love having all boys.

Love.  It.

Love it.

When I was pregnant with Harrison it would really get under my skin when sweet, well meaning people would say, "Maybe you'll finally get your girl."  As if I had been disappointed with my boys?  What?

Crazy talk.

Boys are magnificent.


I would take Buzz Lightyear wings over a tutu any day of the week.  And Barbie?  Ick.  Her stinking shoes are so tiny, and her clothes are so hard to put on.  Yuck.  But I like to catch frogs!  Let's do that!  (disclaimer:  please, Moms of girls, I know that girls can catch frogs, build train tracks, and play with toy microscopes.  I was one of those little girls.  Please do not get offended and think me a sexist, sweet little girl hater.  I'm not at all.  I love girls.  Promise.  I do, really hate Barbie dolls though...  sorry.)

I am sure that if I had all girls that I would think girls were the greatest thing on earth.  And if I had both, I would think they were each wonderful in different ways.  But...  as I have three fantastic boys, I am firmly on the "Hooray for Boys" team.

I am beyond thrilled with a house full of boys.  My home is complete.

3)  Their hair is so easy to fix, I often don't do it at all.  Well...  Lucas needs a haircomb before leaving the house, but I can do it with my fingers.

4)  Boys only have to own one pair of shoes at a time.  How flippin' awesome is that??  Ye-haw!  If I had girls, I could never get away with it.  Well, maybe I could.  But I wouldn't dream of it.  Are you kidding?  They'd have more shoes than I do.  And that's saying something.

5)  I don't know what little girls are like, but I have never known anything sweeter than a little boy loving his Mommy.  Greatest thing ever.

6)  Buying cute clothes for boys is...  difficult.  Being a all boy Mommy can make you really cranky when you go shopping.  There are 137 girl racks to every 1 boy rack.  Not kidding.  And if you don't like sports themed clothes then you're screwed.  And I don't.  So I'm screwed.  I think that is the only thing that makes me want a little girl.  The clothes are so stinking cute.  Dang.

7)  The bathroom gets gross in ways I never dreamed possible.

8)  Swordfights.  Horsey rides.  Legos.  Trains.  Love it.

9)  Sometimes...  things happen to the drywall and you have no idea how.

10)  Yes, we bake cookies.  Robot shaped cookies.

11)  I know I said 10, but I thought of one more.

It's good, no, GREAT to be Queen.


Autumn Brown said...

I couldn't agree more! I love my girl don't get me wrong, but there's just something about them boys that just melts your heart!

Clara Southerland said...

Yep, I am with you! But having a granddaughter-priceless.

hillary said...

You are so right about boys lovin' their mommas! My boys never roll their eyes at me or stomp away while I'm talking. Not that anyone named Mariah would do that kind of thing...

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