Lovey Lukey Boy

Lucas is a very sweet and loving boy.

But he isn't quite as expressive as his younger brother Max.

I know he loves his family, but he doesn't tell us every day.  Doesn't cover my face with kisses, doesn't croon over baby Harrison, doesn't kiss his head every day and tell him how cute he is...

He's a little more reserved.  I know his love goes just as deep as his brother's, even though he doesn't say it.

And now I know for sure.

He is just as in love with Harrison as the rest of us.

How do I know this?

He gave Baby Harrison his Toy Story Toys.




Conveniently, Harrison can't actually do anything with Lucas' prized possessions.

I'm sure that is a key factor in Lukey Boy's generosity.

But really.

Who could resist this face?


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. Look at that face! How do you get anything done when you could just nuzzle those little cheeks all day?


April Irvin said...

Toystory toys speak volumes in the language of love between brothers! In our house it would be Cupcakes!

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