My boys like Garfield.

No, I mean they really.  really.  like Garfield.

Yes.  Garfield.  Like, from 25 years ago.  Like the cool kids in third grade used to draw on notebook paper.  And it's all because of this.

Because we have this movie.  And they love it.  Especially Lucas.  They've been acting out scenes from the Garfield's Halloween Special for months and months.  Complete with all the sound effects and songs, of course.

Oh yahhh...  Gotta love this scene.  Candy, candy, candy, candy!!!   don't know why...  but for some unexplainable reason, every time I hear Garfield's voice, I hear my father.  Yup.  Go ahead and have a field day with that one, all you psychoanalysts out there.  That must mean something really weird and twisted.  I associate my father with an orange cartoon cat.  Don't tell him.

The boys fill buckets up with blocks and other small toys and pretend that they are Garfield and Odie's trick-or-treat sacks.  I find the buckets everywhere.  In my bed...  balanced on top of the couch cushions so Harrison can't get to them...  Lucas tries to sleep with his.

sigh...  Even Harry is transfixed by the fat orange cat.

When they play, Lucas is always Garfield and Max is always Odie.  Sometimes, Lucas tries to talk to me without moving his lips.  Have you ever noticed that when Garfield talks, his mouth stays closed?  Don't worry.  Lucas noticed.

Merry Christmas.  Let's go watch Garfield's Halloween.

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Jennifer said...

I love that DVD.I bought it last year. We totally forgot to watch the Halloween one. Maybe I will start some kind of tradition with the Christmas one!

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