Old School Chums

Back in the day, I had another name.

I'll give you a hint.

It wasn't Mommy.

It was Mrs. Evans.  Before that, it was Miss Spradlin.  And I heard it a thousand times a day.  It's funny to think that what I miss most about teaching elementary school are the adults I got to see every day.  Real live adult interaction.  In between the large groups of kiddos, of course.  Remington was a really special school.  I am beyond blessed to have gotten the opportunity to get to teach there.  Wonderful friends!  We haven't all taught together in the same school for six years now, but we still get together.  Not often enough...  I'm usually pregnant.

Not this time!  woo-hoo!

These photos are really grainy because I was using my phone, it was dark in the bar (that's right!  I was sitting in the bar area because I had no children with me!), and I have a severe aversion to using a flash. It makes my forehead all wrinkly and my fingers all twitchy.  But it's okay.  I like grain.  It makes my toes feel warm.  Anyhoo...

This is Kristy.  She's a principal now.  oooohhh....  scary, huh?

This is Clara.  She was once surrounded by a mob of naked first grade girls because I told them that real ballerinas didn't wear underwear.


That's right.

Mob of naked first grade girls.  Not sure she's ever gotten over that one.  I'll tell you all about it next week.

And here's Paula.  She has more crafting supplies than any other human alive.

Fun times with fun girlies!

I'll tell you next week about the naked ballerinas...

Have a great weekend!

Oh!  Get this!  I'm having a date with Chris tonight!  That's right!  A DATE!!!!

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