Fish on a Line

Thank you, Uncle Travis for taking my boys fishing.  Man.  They had sooo much fun.

woah...  got one!

you can see he's pretty pleased with himself...

floppy fishie!

Okay, so now here's the funny part.  We told Lucas, "Hooray you caught a fish!  We're going to eat it!"  Without missing a beat, he grabs the fish in his hands and goes to take a bite.  Seriously.  Goes to take a big bite out of a live, flopping fish.  I see a future contestent on Fear Factor.  Do they still make that show?

Max's turn!

Max thought it was pretty fun too, but not fun enough to try and eat a raw, live, flopping fish.  Almost, but not quite.

Howsabout I take this guy home and stuff him with garlic, butter and fresh thyme, then wrap him up in bacon?  mmmm....  Thanks for a tasty dinner, Mr. Trout!

I think I'll take this one home too.

This might be one of my favorite photos in the whole wide world.  Two crazy little peas in an crazy little pod.

I'm linking up with Emily's blog today for embrace the camera.  Go check out all those cute mommies in their yoga pants doing mommy things.


Vivian said...

I can't even imagine how excited he must've been! And to be there to witness it. Your pictures totally captured that. Great shots!

xo katrina said...

Boys and fishing just go tohether. Lucas looks like he had an amazing time. What a fearless stud u got there!

Mallory said...

Adorable pictures. There's nothing better than fresh caught fish.

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