The Coco Mocoa

Okay, kids.  Get ready for something yummy.

Have you had the coconut mocha frappuccino thing at Starbucks?

Yummers, right?

Yah, I know.


I make one at home that is pretty dang delicious.  You could blend it if you really wanted the whole frappuccino experience, but I like it just fine on the rocks.

Step 1.  Get ye the ingredients.  Cocoa powder.  Coconut syrup.  (I like the Starbucks brand.)  Coffee beans.

Step 2.  Put them on your table and snap a picture of them.  Because that's what weirdos like you do.  Take photos of groceries.

Step 3.  Mix two teaspoons (not the measuring spoon teaspoons, but the one from your silverware drawer.  No, not the big one.  The smaller one.  There ya go.) of cocoa powder with 3 to 4 teaspoons of the coconut syrup.

Be sure to spill the cocoa powder all over the table during this step because you are trying to document the whole process with your camera (because you are a seriously big dork), and you have your 50mm lens on, and that's way too close, and...  uh-oh.  You just spilled cocoa powder all over the table.

Step 4.  Clean up the mess you just made in step 3.

Step 5.  Stir it.

Step 6.  Add a one ounce shot of espresso to your mix.


Step 7.  Add milk and ice.

Step 7 1/2.  Stir it some more.  With feelin'.  Bon Jovi style.  (huh?  what the heck?)

Step 8.  Drink it.

Step 9.  Make another and drink that one too.

You can thank me later.

1 comment:

Darcie said...

You are seriously the coolest blog i know. I'd make this if I had an espresso machine. Sounds amazing. I've got my camera ready =)

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