Because we were in the same town as my mom...

that's right.


aahhhh yahhhhh...

So that meant that Chris and I got to go out with grown ups for a grown up dinner with grown up conversation.

Well, sort of.

We got to go out for a nice dinner, anyways.

This is my baby brother.  My teeny, tiny sweet little baby brother.

This is my husband.  My very silly husband.

My very silly husband who climbs up on top of art to pose for a picture.  I'll show you again.  You can see why I'm into him.

I like it.

Hooray for cousins!

1 comment:

xo katrina said...

love it! haha. happy birthday mom! can you watch the boys, now? i totally get it. cute pics. you are adorable with that flower in your hair and all. work it, girlfriend.

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