That Silly Big Bad Wolf

As I've mentioned on this blog before, my boys are big fans of The Three Little Pigs.  Real big.  Super big.

What?  You don't remember any of the pigs wearing shark pajamas at 3:00 in the afternoon and a striped tie?  huh.  Weird.

Last year for Halloween Max was the Big Bad Wolf and Lucas was the Little Pig who Built his House of Bricks.  Not to be confused with one of those other lazy loser pigs, Little Pig who Built his House of Straw, or Little Pig who Built his House of Sticks.  Who the heck would want to dress up like one of those jokers?

In April I took Lucas to go get a birthday present for Max.  Then I hid it in my closet and lost it for four months.  But good news!  I found it the other day!

Play-doh.  The Three Little Pigs.  If only we could be wearing our pajamas...

Oh wait!  We can wear our pajamas all day!  Yippie!

Play doh has the cutest little storybook kits.  This one has a little Brick house with little pig molds, a little straw house, stick house, and a little wolf.

The boys love it.

Heh, heh...  hey Mom.  Look.  I can make the Wolf stick his tongue out.

Ha!  Did you see that?

Hey Mom!  Look, look.  Watch this.

Ha!!!  Oh man!  Mom!  Did you see?  Watch.  Look what I can make the Big Bad Wolf do.  This is so funny.  Mom.  Mom?  MOM!  Are you watching?  Watch.  This is so funny.

Did you see that???  Huh?  Did you see?  Did you see what I did?

ahhh...  Good stuff.  Man.  Funny.  Is there anything funnier in the world than the Big Bad Wolf with his tongue sticking out?  

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