Baby Jason

My husband Chris and Andrea were childhood friends.  Since they were twelve or thirteen, they've always been close.  Chris met David the first day of their freshman year at OSU.  They have been best friends ever since.  Chris says I show off for David, that I get extra sassy in his company.  It's probably true...  sassy makes David laugh.  And I like to make David's eyes disappear.  Chris and David were groomsmen in each others weddings.  When I moved here, Andrea was one of my first friends.  We would drive up and down the highway from Tulsa to Oklahoma City to spend weekends together.  She was one of the first people to see my wedding dress.  When she and David were planning their wedding, I think I actually found hers.  Andrea was with me when two of my children drew their first breath.  We've gone on vacations together, spent countless Saturday mornings drinking coffee.  Hosted each other's bridal showers, then baby showers.

David and Andrea are very, very dear to us.  So, naturally their children are very dear to us as well.   Their two year old son, Will just recently became a big brother.  Jason Christopher.  Named Jason after another dear friend who has gone home to be with our saviour, and Christopher.  For my Christopher.

We went to see them as soon as we could.  Chris couldn't wait to meet his namesake and see our dear friends.

I brought my camera and really wanted to capture the sweetness of just being home.  That joyous relief.  Everyone is here.  Everyone is safe.  Everyone is perfect.

Big Brother Will.

Beautiful, happy boy.

So looking forward to watching these sweet boys grow.  I am so happy to have them in our lives.  The weekend getaways, camping trips, birthday parties, basketball games.  Glad you're here, little Jason Christopher.  It wouldn't be the same without you.


April Irvin said...

Lovely little family. Nothing is better than that new baby smell.

Janell McKee said...

Once again, beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. I dearly love David & Andrea.

LDaylily said...

Such beautiful pictures and words. I'm wiping my tears away!

me... said...

Beautiful. Love your words and your eye. What a blessing you are to your friends.

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