Roly Poly Bliss

Whachoo got, Bwudda?  Whachoo got?

Ahh, yes.  The noble roly poly.

And here's an interesting tid-bit.  The noble roly poly is not a bug.  It is the only crustacean that lives it's entire life on land.  That's right.  These are the fascinating bits of trivia you learn when you google "roly poly" to make sure you are spelling it right on your blog.


There ya go.


I pity the fool tiny crustacean that finds itself unlucky enough to be caught by one of my boys.

I'm afraid that they just love everything to death.  Frogs?  Death by squeezing and dropping in a plastic red barn repeatedly with squeals of delight.  Baby snake?  Death by dizziness from getting swung around in a plastic bucket.  Mr. Roly Poly Esquire here didn't stand a chance.  Pretty sure they killed this one with not so delicate pinches to try and get to to walk where they wanted it to across their arms.  Or maybe it was just playing dead so the boys would stop torturing it and leave it alone.

I try to encourage them to be gentle.  And I get about as much of a response as when I try to encourage them to flush the toilet after they pee in it.

But I digress.

Anyway, back to the roly poly.

"Stop!  No!  I'm a crustacean!  A crustacean!!!"

Lukey Boy and Wunder Max don't care.

They just want to hold him, and pet him, and call him George.

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