Me and my Llama

Apparently I have llama brain.

Earlier this week I posted a photo of a llama at the zoo.  A really weird one.  You know...

This one.


Is that Mr. Llama's tongue?  His upper gums?  Do llamas not have upper teeth?  Or does just this llama not have upper teeth?

Well, I was a little obsessed with Mr. Llama and his freaky chewin' on the fence grin, so I did what any attractive, mild mannered, got her act together kind of gal would do.  I did an Internet search on llama teeth.  There is a surprising amount of information out there on the subject by the way.

And I found this.

Do you remember, Me and my Llama?  That quirky little song from Sesame Street?

It's been in my head constantly.

Me and my llama...  Me and my llama....  goin' to the dentist...

That's right.  Why wouldn't there be a song about a little girl walking her pet llama down the streets of Manhattan to take him to the dentist unaccompanied by an adult?

That's how they roll in NYC.

Ask anyone.

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