The Fam-damily

It's Thursday, folks!  Embrace the Camera day!  This is the day when Mommies like me get in the picture with our loveys.  Yoga pants and all.  We've got to prove that these wild ones were raised by humans and not wolves somehow.

A couple of weeks ago, my very talented friend Chera, of Bluebird Photography (you can find her photography studio on facebook.) took our family photos.  It was the first time since Lucas was born that we had photos taken.

Oh my goodness...  Five people, all not looking stupid, all at the same time?  That was a lot of work.  But Chera didn't act like she minded.  She's nice like that.

By this time, Chris and I were starting to feel the strain of keeping three little monkeys photo worthy...

Yup.  We're all bonkers.

But there's five of us.  So nobody is ever bonkers all by themselves.

We like it that way.


xo katrina said...

love them all!!!!! i love movement in pictures and not just everyone posing. probably because my kids don't pose so i have no choice. lol btw, can i have your shoes?

helen said...

Nice pics you all look great

Darcie said...

Love the pictures!

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