When Lily Attacks

While we were in Florida on vacation we were able to meet up with a friend of mine who lives about an hour from where we were staying.  An hour away?  Of course we're going to see each other!  We had never actually met in person before...  but really, we're practically sisters.  We have a lot of mutual friends, and she is really good friends with my brother-in-law, and we both have babies, we talk on facebook, AND I am friends with her Mom.  There ya go.  BFFs. Well...  her Mom and I have only met twice, but we're practically Siamese twins.  We are good friends with a lot of the same good peeps, we both have babies, (well.  her babies are a bit older than mine, but that doesn't matter much, does it?), she is also good friends with my brother-in-law, and we talk on facebook.  There ya go again.  BFFs.  Siamese twins.  Just like I said.

So anyway, Bailey.  We're practically sisters.

Which would make Lily practically my niece.

Oh, hooray!  A niece!  How exciting!

She is super, duper, dang cute.  Lily.  Well, so is Bailey.  For real.  But I was referring to Lily.

It was so nice to spend the afternoon with them!   

Seriously.  Look at that girl.  I'm dying inside, she's so cute.

Bailey makes these super cute bows for Lily, and I am not kidding, we did not walk past anyone in the entire town who did not stop to gush over how cute Lily was with her enormous bow on top of her head.  She was very nice and gracious to everyone with smiles and "thank you"s.  Man, I don't know how she stands it.  I think I would teach my baby how to bark at people or something.  Seriously.  Let me walk down the street in peace, ye masses overcome by cuteness.  

But I digress.

So, as it was the first time Bailey and I met in person, it was also the first time that Harry and Lily had ever met. 

Now they are in love and are getting married, the end.

Rushing things?  Okay.

But I do think they're fond of each other.

And it's not just for her bow.  Harry appreciates her wit and enthusiasm.

And Lily thinks Harry is just charming.  She was always laughing at his jokes.

  At one point, Lily got really enthusiastic and started playing Harry's head like a drum...

He really didn't seem to mind though...

Harry just liked Lily.

Until he got sick of his head being played like a conga drum, then he cried.  But then he stopped.  And he liked Lily again.  No one can resist that bow.
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