Lovin' the Littles

The school year is almost over!  I can honestly say, I'm pretty sad about it.  His teachers are so unbelievably fantastic, and the kids in his class are so dang sweet.  It's been a great year.

Last week the pre-k classes had a water day outside.  They had so much fun!  I am seriously in love with this group of kiddos.  These will be the kids that Lucas will graduate high school with!  I'm really pleased about that.  They really are a wonderful gaggle of sweetie-pies.  It makes me happy to think that I will get to see them grow through the years.

Here are a few (well okay, a whole lot) of photos from a fun day of water, sunshine, and cuties.

Face painting was...  ummm...  a HUGE hit.

Huge.  And not a surprise, Lucas wanted to be a tiger.

That's some serious tattooing there.

There were also bubbles...  Of course!  What is childhood with out lots and lots of bubbles?

I've got kind of a soft spot for little boys with swords...

Budding artists...  Make me smile.

And play, play, play!

What a great day!

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April Irvin said...

Lovely classmates, being young is so awesome!!

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