Road Trippin'


We've had to re-plan our route for our Family-Festival-of-Fun-on-Wheels (also known as two days in a Honda Pilot with three little boys) a couple of times due to tornadoes and floods.


Don't worry though, Gentle Reader.  It will take more than a couple of natural disasters to keep this family away from sugar white sand beaches, by gosh and by golly.

I may, or I may not be blogging from Florida.  We'll just see how that goes.  So you may, or may not be hearing from me.  We may, or we may not return from vacation.  I may, or may not home school the children from a little pop up tent that we live in on the beach for the rest of our lives while we live off of popcorn and jelly beans.

Aren't I a mysterious little minx?

That's why Chris just couldn't resist me...

But I digress.


We're about ready.

Snacks to force feed little mouths to keep them from screaming in the car?


Movies, loaded Leapsters, Zu-Zu pets, movies, Color Wonder books all wrapped up in magazine pages and random scraps of wrapping paper to be unwrapped in road-trip bliss by chubby little booger covered fingers?


Baby who has learned to crawl just in time to give his poor sainted mother a hart attack several times a day by crawling with gusto towards the deep blue sea?



JoLaLaLa said...

Don't forget the Resolve & some rags so when you have the inevitable accident in the car seat, you aren't forced to make a midnight run to a wal-mart after supplies. HINT: Wal-Mart at midnight in a tourist town with sleepy children in tow is no fun because you are there with all the other cranky folks who forgot something and had to traipse down there as well. LOL Also- if you don't already bring one for yourself, a hair dryer is a good tool for speeding up the drying process so you don't have to borrow hotel towels to line the seat with just so you can get started on your day.

Other than that-- looks like you're good to go! Have fun!!! :-)

Darcie said...

Enjoy!! :) I really love this post and the photos :)

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