Happy Feet

When we finally pulled into our very own parking space

at our very own little condo

and to our very own (well...  not really.) little stretch of beach

there were some pretty excited little toes.

Just itchin' for some sand.

The boys were ecstatic to finally be here!

They just ran.

And ran.

 And ran.

And ran.

And then ran some more.

Except Harry.  He's pretty dignified for a 9 month old.

Hey, look!  I'm here too!!!

This will be Max's first memory of his feet in the ocean...

Man, I love those feet.

Harry's first time to put his feet in the ocean, but he won't remember it.

That might be for the best.

Lucas was super freaky about his pants getting wet.  (I'm pretty sure he gets that kind of freaky from his Daddy.)

Max was super freaky about getting his pants wet.  (I'm pretty sure he gets his kind of freaky from his Mommy.)


Darcie said...

looks fun!

xo katrina said...

my feet would be pretty darn happy, too.

April Irvin said...

JEALOUS in okc.

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