Playing House


As I've mentioned before, I don't really think that I was cut out for this "Suzie Homemaker" gig.

(I've written about this on my blog before, check this out if you care to read my rant on the subject.)

It just isn't something I ever thought I would really do.  I never played house as a little girl, I wasn't very interested in dolls.  Never had a toy iron, or a little shopping cart, or a little kitchen to pretend to cook and clean in.

No freaking way.

I played Warrior Princess with my cousin, where I was well...  the Warrior Princess, who would fight for the good of her kingdom... atop my noble steed of a zebra that I tamed with only my wit, my whip that I fashioned from a branch of the weeping willow tree in the back yard, and my super power of talking to animals.  I lived in the jungle and had to fight for my life at every turn...  What?  You didn't play that?



Don't get me wrong, I love being Mommy, and I love being a wife to my husband...

It's just the laundry.

And cleaning the bathrooms.

And cleaning up after dinner.

And picking up after everyone.

And picking up after myself.

Those kinds of things can really put a damper on my day.

Then...  on top of the daily grind, I am getting us ready for a family vacation.

I know.  You don't feel sorry for me.  I get to go to Florida and hang out on the beach for a week with my beautiful little family.  I'm super excited about that part.

But the preparation.

Oh, Lord have mercy.

I have to pack for three boys and one Mommy.

I have to prepare snacks and things to keep said three boys entertained in the car for a two day road trip.

I need to make this face again.

Two day road trip with the backseat of the old Honda Pilot cram-packed with boys.

Heart palpations.

Dry mouth.

Cold sweats.

I have to go cry now.

Yah...  it looks kind of like that.

I'm taking suggestions for road trip entertainment now.

And I'm also accepting applications for the glamorous non paid position of Mariah's Personal Assistant.

You'll be the envy of all your friends.


April Irvin said...

Bahahahhaaaaa...... I was super woman as a kid and one of the first things I said to Jeremy when I realised we were going in that direction was "I do not want kids!" another Bahahahaaaa..... I too never played with dolls. I remember trying once but feeling like a total goober. Life is grander (is this a word?) than we give it credit for. Never say never!

Packing is the easy part it's making sure you get home with all said packed stuff. The battle ship, I think it's called the Alabama, is a fun stop. It's right outside of Mobile. Enjoy the chaos my bloggy friend.

xo katrina said...

hahaha. i completely understand and empathize with every word of this post! lol all the work with packing will be so so worth it. boys and the beach go hand in hand!

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