My Maxey...

I don't know who the heck these kids think they are.

They are growing up on me!

Max turns 3 tomorrow!

This is what he is supposed to look like...

Who does he think he is??!!!


My head is a flurry of Birthday partyness...

And it makes me think of his birthday party last year.

Dinosaur cupcakes.

And dino cake.  Why a cake and cupcakes???  Oh gosh, who knows.  I'm a crazy person, that's why.

But because Max is Max...  His dino cake ended up looking like this the morning of his birthday party...

Oh, dear...

It really was quite an ordeal.  I finished the cake and cupcakes the night before the party.  Everything was finished.  Perfect.  Creepy.  I knew that it couldn't possibly go off without a hitch, the kitchen roof would cave in during the night or something.  Something had to go wrong.  So I took pics before going to bed that night.


We woke up to the sound of screaming.

Poor Lucas.

That kids really appreciates the sugar arts.

Little Maxey had climbed up on the counter, grabbed his dino cake by it's herbivore neck, and started eating his head.  

Lucas was running back and forth, crying hysterically, "Oh NOOO!!!  What are we gonna do??  What are we gonna DOOOO???!!!" 

And Max was sitting on the counter, calmly munching on his dinosaur head.  "What's wrong, Brudda?  What's wrong?"

So as you can see...  not much has changed around here.

I fixed Mr. Dino.  He got a new head before the party.   That was, of course, promptly eaten as soon as it was within arms reach of the birthday boy.

What will Maxey do this year??

I'll be sure to let you know.

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