Hey, Baby. Stop Trying to Ruin My Life.

Harrison.  is.  trying.  to.  ruin.  my.  life.

 Just look at him!  He's trying to crawl!!!

Aaack!  Now look!  His knees are in ready position!  He is rocking back and forth.

Bad baby!  Bad!

He is supposed to be like this...

Waaaahh!!!  Waaaahhhh!!!!

Not up on his knees, posed to conquer the world and break his mother's heart.

And then...  to add insult to injury.

To rub salt in the wound...

He dares...

To have a tooth.


For all the world to see.

No shame.

That is it, Harry.  That is it.

You are grounded.

No sleepovers with friends!

No going to the mall!  (wait...  he is a boy...  one of my boys.  he won't care.)

I mean, you have to go to the mall with me!

No wii!

No computer games!

No fun of any kind!

Except for playing with your brothers.  And rolling around on the floor.  And snuggling with Mommy.  And laughing at the dog.

But that is it!

Take that.  Happy Monday.


April Irvin said...

They enjoy breaking their mothers hearts don't they? They have no respect at that age. What is the world coming to? I'll tell ya what it's coming to, the end of your stuff, broken. The end of your free time just looking at the lovely little bogger lay there, heart breaking. Know you'll be running 3X faster to catch him and save all your stuff.
Don't you just love it though?

April Irvin said...

NOW!!!! Geeeesh.... What a BOZO...I can't spell to save my life or myself from embarrassment.

xo katrina said...

ughhh....the nerve of that boy. but he's so darn cute as he terrorizes you, isn't he? i could eat him up. it will be fun to see him running around with his brothers, too! :)

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