A Couple of Good Eggs

The boys had sooo much fun dying Easter Eggs.  Except for the two times where we spilled the egg dye.  And it spilled all over Max.  Both times.  And dyed his legs and hiney red and blue.

I'm a purist when it comes to the noble art of Easter egg dying.  No fancy glitter-tie-dye-camo-bedazzled eggs for me.  I like the good old fashioned Paas brand where you punch the little circles out of the back of the box.  ahhh...  Good times.

Not surprisingly...  Lucas was very methodical about dying his eggs...

And Max just tried to cram as many eggs into each jar as he could.

Poor Baby Harry...  He can only watch from the background.  Don't worry, Baby.  Mama will make you your own special egg with the handy stub of a waxy crayon that came in my trusty Paas Easter Egg Coloring Kit.  Did I mention there are holes you can punch out of the back of the box?

Wink, wink.

Annnd...  That would be the blue egg dye that spilled all over Max.  It looks like he is in an underground secret laboratory with a mad scientist and is about to turn into a super villain.

Lucas's carton of eggs.  Guess who used all of the stickers?  I'm a little afraid that he is going to want me to get the fancy egg dying kits when he is older.

Over my cold dead body, kid.

That's right.

You'll get your sheet of Paas mini stickers and you'll be happy about it.

Max is more of a purist when it comes to the eggs...  He can stay.

Even if he does look like he's about to turn into the Hulk.

Happy Easter, friends!


JoElla said...

I am an old school egg dying kit fan too. I tried the new-fangled "cool" kits the kids wanted last year and guess what... NEVER again!! When you put them in the fridge, they get condensation and they bleed EVERYWHERE so then ALL the kids who touch them look like they're going to turn into The Hulk. Incidentally, the carpet in the church doesn't care for that particular color either. Let's just say we made a trip back to church later in the week armed with a bottle of Resolve. :P

annie said...

As usual...LOVE IT!
Next year Gracie will want ALL the GLITTER, glITZ and GLAM she can get. She will, after all be the proper girlie diva. CAN"T WAIT!!!!

xo katrina said...

love this. i swear you could have been narrating our egg dying process. do you know that this is the first year we've dyed eggs since my oldest was two?!? my ocd doesn't do well with egg coloring and i nearly had a panic attack. but rest assured, i held it together....

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